About Asylum Clinic KC 

Attorneys at the McCrummen Immigration Law Group founded the Asylum Clinic KC in 2017 after many years of struggling with how best to respond to the vast unmet legal needs of asylum seekers in the Kansas City area. This issue of lack of representation in removal proceedings is a nationwide problem, mostly because there is no right to appointed removal defense counsel as there would be in criminal court. The Asylum Clinic KC aims to provide as many free legal consultations and pro bono representation, as capacity permits, to diminish the number of people who attempt to navigate this complex system unaided.
2020-09-Longfellow Art-2427.jpg
2020-09-Longfellow Art-2408.jpg
Partial photo of mural in Kansas City painted by local artists: Chico Sierra & Rodrigo Alvarez and Isaac Tapia.
Photo credit: Tonya Dean Photography