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Our Pro Bono Placement Program

The Asylum Clinic KC offers free legal consultations to anyone referred to us through one of our many partner organizations, both locally and nationwide. Due to capacity, there is a real possibility that the attorneys at ACKC are unable to take some cases. To alleviate this pressure, we are currently expanding our pro bono case placement and mentorship capacity in order to amplify services.


ACKC currently mentors local attorneys in their representation of children in State Court and Immigration Court, the first step in seeking SIJ classification. We have cases placed with local attorneys at both Stinson and Shook, Hardy & Bacon.

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How Can You Help?

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Your generous contributions make a huge difference in the services we can offer to Unaccompanied Children.  Often the hardest part of doing the good work is funding it. Consider donating today!

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Spread the Word

Remember - sharing is caring. Spreading the word about our organization to your friends, family, and coworkers either on social media or elsewhere helps us connect to donors, volunteers, and clients. Share today!

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