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Asylum Seekers Assistance Project
Attorney Volunteer Welcome Page

We are so happy you have decided to get involved with our work here at the Asylum Seekers Assistance Project. We truly appreciate each and every one of our volunteer attorneys and the work that they do. By lending your support, you have become a valuable part of our efforts to help asylum-seekers find and access immigration relief. 

This page serves to provide you with all the information you need to represent your client in their asylum filing. Aside from this page, there is also an Attorney Resource page available for you with templates, samples, and other great tools that we have created for you. Our mission is to make this as easy as possible for our attorney volunteers. With that in mind, if you have any suggestions or think of something we could add, please let us know!

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Asylum Seekers Assistance Project

The United States recognizes the right of asylum for individuals seeking safety from persecution, as specified by international law and codified in our federal law. 

Diverse immigrant communities contribute to the rich cultural fabric of Kansas City, shaping its music, art, cuisine, and more. 

Our volunteers are key to the success of this project. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for assisting the asylum-seeking community and making a difference in the lives of the applicants you represent.


Representing Asylum Seekers

As a Pro bono attorney representing an asylum seeker, you will file a limited representation Form E-61 with the Immigration Court. This limited representation allows you to assist your client in establishing their asylum claim before their one-year deadline. Meanwhile, as your client awaits their hearing, you will assist them in applying for work authorization. Together, these two applications help preserve your client's rights and give them the ability to get work and support themselves and their family.

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Attorney Preparation

Pro Bono attorneys must complete steps 1-4 in the Attorney Preparation section below. Once complete, you will be matched with a client in need of your assistance. To ensure adequate preparation for participation in this project, you will then be asked to complete a free training course offered through Vecina. 


Engagement and Expected Timeline

During the representation you should expect to:

  • File Form E-61, Notice of Entry of Limited Appearance for Document Assistance

  • Prepare Form I-589, Application for Asylum

  • Prepare Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, 150 days after submitting the I-589.

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Communicating With Your Client

You will receive an e-mail granting access to your client's file that will also indicate whether the client can communicate in English. If not, you will communicate with your client through interpreters. 


Translation of Documents

All documents submitted with the asylum application that are in a language other than English must be submitted with a full English translation.

The translator must also sign a certification that the English language translation is complete and accurate, and that he or she is competent to translate from the foreign language into English. 

You will be provided with a template for this certification on the Attorney Resource page.

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Attorney Resource Site

You can access helpful resources by clicking here. The page is password-protected. You should have received the password along with your welcome email. If not, email Becky Tolman at

We will continue to add helpful items to the Resource Site as items are developed or identified. If you want to suggest a resource to be added to the Resource Site, please e-mail Becky Tolman at


Office Hours

Asylum Clinic Kansas City holds office hours on Thursdays at 12pm during which you may ask any questions you have for us and listen to the discussion of others' questions, as well. You will receive an invitation by e-mail to the weekly Zoom call when you receive your client assignment.

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Attorney Preparation



Register with EOIR here:

Click on: Account Registration

Follow instructions for: Attorney

Once completed you will receive an email confirmation.



To complete the process you must present a photo ID to EOIR in person within 90 calendar days at:

2345 Grand Blvd, Suite 525

Kansas City, MO 64108

Underground parking is just north of the building. There is no signage for the immigration court. 



After you have presented your photo ID you will receive an email from Okta, prompting you to activate your DOJ Login Account

You will need to choose a password. The email address you used when you registered with EOIR is the email address that will be linked to your DOJ Login.



To serve ICE via eService, you first need an eService account. Sign up for your account here. 

Ice eService

You will need your EOIR ID number. When asked for your client's A Number, enter all 1's (111 111 111).



Please complete the training for defensive asylum found here:


You will need to register to get access to the curriculum. Please complete the modules listed in the Vecina Training spreadsheet below.

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